Book Reviews

Winnie & Nelson: Portrait of a Marriage by Jonny Steinberg review — Winnie the thug, Nelson the philanderer

The Time – 12 May 2023

The butcher of Chad who died in a private Senegalese clinic

The Spectator – 17 Dec 2022

Reminder: ‘Africa Is Not a Country’ Dipo Faloyin is tired of Western stereotypes. – 31 Aug 2022

A Memoir of Post-Genocide Refugee Life Rendered With Delicacy and Insight – 12 Oct 2021

The Four Horsemen by Emily Mayhew review — reining in War, Pestilence, Famine and Death – 8 May 2021

Idi Amin: The Story of Africa’s Icon of Evil by Mark Leopold review — more Trump than Pol Pot – 13 Nov 2020

Museveni’s new vision turns sour: A review of ‘Combatants’ – 03 Jul 2019

A Fallen Angel of Mercy – Did her good works expiate the sins of her dark past? – 05 Mar 2017

A century of Ethiopia’s turbulent history, seen through the life of one woman

The Spectator – 17 Feb 2017

The Wanderer: How a Victorian novelist’s life and times inform our own – 04 Dec 2017

Ngugi wa Thiong’o on Starting Out as a Writer

New York Times – 13 Oct 2016

The King of Kings and I: Haile Selassie, by his great nephew

The Spectator – 30 Oct 2015

A murder mystery in Zimbabwe: a novel about the intersecting of five troubled marriages in a morally bankrupt police state

The Spectator – 8 Aug 2015

Rumpole Series by John Mortimer, book of a lifetime: Grandeur and grotesquery, seen through the eyes of a secret iconoclast

The Independent – 30 July 2015

Tom Burgis’s “The Looting Machine”

New York Times – 20 March 2015

Jonny Steinberg’s “A Man of Good Hope”

Spectator – 24 January 2015

David Van Reybrouck’s “Congo: The Epic History of a People

Spectator – 29 March 2014

Mark Gevisser’s “Dispatcher: Lost and Found in Johannesburg”

Spectator – 15 February 2014

Rian Malan’s “The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Other Stories of Africa

Spectator – 09 February 2013

Artur Domoslawski’s “Ryszard Kapuscinski: A Life”

Spectator – 29 September 2012

John Dramani Mahama’s “My First Coup d’Etat, And Other True Stories from the Lost Decades in Africa

Spectator – 01 September 2012

Noo Saro-Wiwa’s “Looking for Transwonderland

Spectator – 3 December 2011

Susan Williams’ “Who Killed Hammarskjöld?

Spectator – 29 October 2011

Sally H. Jacobs’ “The Other Barack: The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama’s Father”

Spectator – 9 July 2011

Jason K. Stearns’ “Dancing in the Glory of Monsters”

Spectator – 7 May 2011

Aminatta Forna’s “The Memory of Love”

Spectator – 5 May 2010

Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s “Dreams in a Time of War”

Spectator – 24 March 2010

Chinua Achebe’s “The Education of a British-protected Child”

Spectator – 13 January, 2010

Serge Michel and Michel Beuret’s “China Safari”

Washington Post – 16 August 2009

Jane Bussmann’s “The Worst Date Ever”

Spectator – 15 July, 2009

Dambisa Moyo’s “Dead Aid”

Spectator – 11 Feb 2009

Lawrence Devlin’s “Chief of Station, Cong”

Financial Times – 22 March 2007

Wangari Maathai’s “Unbowed. One Woman’s Story”

Financial Times – 23 February 2007