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"This is the most gripping and illuminating book about Africa I have read for years, and it throws its light way beyond the borders of the Congo: not just to the neighbouring countries which are now competing for the spoils from the demoralised country, but to the wider problem of preventing the drift to corruption and tyranny in other parts of Africa."
- Anthony Sampson, Spectator.

"Michela Wrong... travelled widely in the country during the last years of Mobutu's reign and was one of the few Western witnesses to his downfall. To stick it out in the capital, Kinshasa, must have demanded courage - and a strong sense of the absurd. She has written a cool, glittering, kaleidoscopic book. Her account of the fall of Kinshasa and Mobutu's flight has something of the flavour of Evelyn Waugh's African travel books."
- Thomas Pakenham, The Times.

"In the Footsteps of Mr Kurtz is an eloquent, brilliantly-researched account, and a remarkably sympathetic study of a tragic land which, for all its disadvantages, seethes with humour, passion, febrile energy and some of the best musical rhythms on the African continent."
- Jon Swain, Sunday Times.

"Michela Wrong's (book) is not a one-dimensional, moralistic tale of a terrible dictator inflicted by the Cold War West on an innocent population - the kind of tale that apologists for Africa's failure take comfort in. Ms Wrong has written a far more complex saga. She shows us a brilliant despot who used bribery to hold together a country that was never really a country and who was supported by the West for reasons at first justifiable and later not so. The result is a surgical insight into kleptocracy that challenges our assumptions of modernity."
- Robert D Kaplan, Wall St Journal.

"(A) chillingly amusing cautionary tale."
- Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post.

"Michela Wrong nimbly balances absurdity and outrage in her portrait of Mobutu Sese Seko and the wreckage he visited - with steady Western sponsorship - on the country he called Zaire. Her book is charged with pity and terror, and with the sort of sustaining humour that she rightly admires in Mobutu's former subjects."
- Philip Gourevitch.

"Absorbing, witty and wrily observed... Ms Wrong's book is filled with wonderful descriptive and narrative passages... A superb book."
- William Shawcross, Financial Times.

In the Footsteps of Mr Kurtz


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