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"Contemporary history on the grand scale. I was entertained, informed and angered. Wrong has given us another essential contribution to the post-colonial scramble for Africa."
- John le Carre

"Vivid, penetrating, wonderfully detailed. Michela Wrong has written the biography of a nation and more -- she has excavated the very heart and soul of the Eritrean people and their country."
- Aminatta Forna

"If you thought Eritrea was some exotic flower you heard mentioned on a gardening programme this book will tell you something different. It tells the tale of a small group of Africans so despised and trampled by successive foreign occupations that they fought back and after 30 years of war, they became a nation. It is an astounding story packed with tales of the worst -- and the best -- of human behaviour."
- Richard Dowden, President of the Royal African Society

"I found it engrossing, vividly written in the style of the best thrillers, while portraying real-life dramas and characters larger than life. It brought to life all the cruelties and distortions of the cold war in Africa, as seen from a helpless victim-country, with its stories of grotesque interventions by Americans and Russians and the excesses of the African leaders. But it's also thoroughly well-informed, and I've read nothing that's told me as much about either Eritrea or Ethiopia. It should become the standard work on the region."
- Anthony Sampson

"Cry Freedom", Clare Short in the New Statesman, 17 Jan 2005

"Rebels in Afros and hot pants", Robert Guest in the Telegraph, Jan 2005

"Shadiness in the Sun", The Economist, Jan 22, 2005

"The Never-Ending Struggle of a Forgotten Bit of Africa", William Grimes in the New York Times, 26 July, 2005

"Post-colonial Tug of War", Stephanie Giry in the New York Times, 14 August, 2005

"The Habit of War", Jeremy Harding, London Review of Books, 20 July 2006

“I Didn’t Do It For You. How the World Used and Abused a Small African Nation”  


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