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Lindsey Hilsum, Channel Four news:

"I read Borderlines in a single sitting. Paula Shackleton is an anti-heroine for our times: clever, spiky, complex and flawed. Michela Wrong has gained a reputation as a fluid, perceptive writer of non-fiction - now she has added a twist of imagination to create a gripping novel."

Iain Pears, author of "An Instance of the Fingerpost":

"Borderlines is not only a compelling narrative, it is also a thoughtful investigation of the ambiguities inherent in Western engagement with Africa. Should we defend oppressive governments? Should we intervene in local disputes? Does the idea of justice have real meaning, or is it just a cover for deals between the powerful? Michela Wrong poses the questions in a stylish story, but Africa is no mere backdrop for Western angst. She brings the place and its characters to life in a novel which is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking."

Lionel Shriver, author of "We Need to Talk About Kevin":

"Few other writers could make a border dispute in the Hague have readers sitting on the edges of their chairs. And no other writer I know of is capable of making Africa seem just as accessibly screwed up as our own messy political back yards. "Borderlines" is beautifully written and tautly told. It helps to explain why refugees from the Horn are queuing for boats in Libya, and portrays the searing disappointment of fighting a liberation war for years only to be betrayed by your own side. That disappointment isn't African; it's universal. to endorse it."

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